August 23, 2022

Per Nilssen is Sydvarangers' new Mine Manager

Sydvaranger is pleased to present Per Nilssen as our newly appointed Mine manager.

Nilssen is currently the production manager at Store Norske in Longyearbyen. From October 1st will he be responsible for Sydvaranger's mine in Bjørnevatn.

"I am looking forward to joining the exciting project in restarting Sydvaranger. The mine has a great potential and I think it is important to free this. The demand for raw materials such as iron ore is great, however, a reopening will also mean a lot for the local community and region", say Nilssen.

He has a master's degree from NTNU in Trondheim as a mining engineer and has since acquired extensive experience in mining. He began his career in mining as a miner and foreman, and has also been a rock mechanical engineer, HSE manager, project manager and Mine manager. Nilssen thus possesses a wide range of experience, which is important for success in the position of Mine Manager. He will be a central part of the management team and an important contributor to the start-up of the mine. Nilssen is engaged in the society and has actively contributed to local politics in Longyearbyen. He is 55 years old, married and has two adult children. Per is moving to Sør-Varanger within a short time and is looking forward to becoming part of the Sør-Varanger community.

"In the beginning, I want to get to know Sydvaranger and the project, in addition to learn about the team, external partners and the local community. Good cooperation is something I value, and I look forward to becoming part of the good working environment that is found in Sydvaranger today. My leadership values are based on an open dialogue across the organization, and I appreciate a friendly relationship with all my colleagues."

Thomas Bækø, VP operations in Sydvaranger, is very happy to have Nilssen on the team and look forward to a strong collaboration.

"We are very pleased to have Per on the team in the work going forward. It was important for us to find a mine manager with extensive experience in mining in this part of the world, and with Per we have just found it. He has very long experience within the industry and mining in Norway and knows better than most about operations under Arctic conditions and winter operations. Per also has a large network within our industry and educational institutions which will be important in the work of building the future mining team. As mine manager, Per will be responsible for further planning work and building up the organization in the mine, something that both he and we are looking forward to. I would like to personally wish him the best of luck in his new position and I look forward to starting the next phase of the restart project with Per as mine manager," says Bækø.

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