October 11, 2019

Sydvaranger´s HR-department

The weekends approaching, and on a Friday where the first snowfall of the season has taken place we would like to present the Company´s fairly newly established HR-department, consisting of HR-Manager, Anita Kurthi, and Senior HR-Consultants, Nina Greiner Iversen and Falk Høstmark. Whilst preparing for a re-start of operations an extensive recruitment process is taking place – which means these three smiling people have more than enough work to do on a dailybasis 😊 They are in addition responsible for ensuring that the Company´s personnel management and organizational development are built on our TEAM values. Their big smiles hopefully indicate not only that they like being busy, but also that they enjoy working for the Company – and all of us here at Sydvaranger are very grateful to have 3 awesome colleagues joining our team. Havea great weekend, everybody 😊

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