August 1, 2019

Sydvaranger urges the residents of Sør-Varanger to stay clear of the company´s operational areas

The Company´s management has worked diligently to close off its operational areas, but unfortunately unauthorized entries still occur in locations that can be very unsafe. The company is now asking the residents of the municipality to look after each other, and to talk to their children and youngsters about the dangers of entering the operational areas both in Kirkenes and in Bjørnevatn.

- Unfortunately, we are frequently experiencing that people ignore gates, signs and fences and enters our operational areas unauthorized. It is encouraging to see the interest people are showing for what we consider to be a great work place, however, we are very concerned for the safety of those trespassing – especially children and youngsters.

Although we are not yet fully operational, there are huge machines driving around in the area, rotating equipment, deep mines and tunnels where it is easy to get lost. There are also tunnels, buildings and areas from previous operations that are not adequately secured yet, and even our own employees make sure that all precautions are taken when working in these areas. Moving forward, the operational activity in all areas will increase, so for safety reasons we kindly ask everyone to follow our advice to not enter our operational areas unauthorized.

Our operational areas are exciting and interesting for people of all ages, but for safety reasons unauthorized entry is prohibited. It is therefore important that we, as a society, look after each other - and we hope that the municipality's adults take the time to have this important talk with kids of all ages and visitors, informing them that entering our operational areas can be very dangerous and is not permitted. Since the company has been exposed to vandalism on both buildings and machines recently, security measures have been implemented and strengthened. –

As Sydvaranger is preparing for a re-start of operations, most site visits requests are put on hold until further notice.

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