February 13, 2020


Sydvaranger wishes to contribute to increase local skills and expertise, which of course also includes our own employees. It is with great pleasure we see that 2 of our SYD-Team members, Cato Johansen and Kim-Gøran Pettersen, have decided to attend Fagskolen (vocational school) whilst remaining part of the SYD workforce. In 2 ½ years they will both graduateas Construction and Mining engineers.


Cato has previously worked as a primary school assistant,as a carpenter and at a beer brewery. He holds a Production Engineer certificate and has worked for both Sydvaranger Gruve AS (SVG), SVG´s bankruptcy estate and the current Sydvaranger operations for a total of 12 years.


Cato says his decision to join Fagskolen was of a more spontaneous act, but one he made with a strong desire to increase his own skills and expertise. His favourite subject at school is Construction and Mining, as this is directly linked to mining operations. When he graduates, he plans to continue working for Sydvaranger, hoping to be able to take on bigger and more challenging work tasks within the company.


Kim-Gøran has previously worked as a machineoperator for LNS in Elkem Tana Gruve. He holds a Construction Engineer certificate and has been part of both SVG and the current Sydvaranger operations for almost 7 years in total.


This is Kim-Gøran´s second attempt to complete Fagskolen as he wasn’t able to finish his studies the first time due to the SVG 2015 bankruptcy. He says he is very much looking forward to being able to complete the education this time around. His favourite subject is also Construction and Mining, for the very same reason as Cato. When he graduates, also Kim-Gøran plans to continue working for Sydvaranger, hoping to be able to take on more challenging and exciting work tasks.


They are both looking forward to an interesting and educational study trip to Russia during the third school year, where they will take a closer look at Russian mining operations. Both Cato and Kim-Gøran have expressed how grateful they are to have Sydvaranger´s support in their efforts to increase they skills whilst still remaining part of the SYD workforce.


And all of us here at Sydvaranger are grateful both for the solid and good cooperation we have with Fagskolen, and for being able to support our Team members in their effort to developing their skills and expertise 😊

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