March 6, 2020


Thinking innovatively, and also to ensure our team can continue to diversify and learn, Sydvaranger has been cooperating with local businesses and partners to investigate options for using some of our available skills in the short term. While this is not an overriding priority for the Sydvaranger business, the opportunity has been worth investigating. As a result, we are pleased that the initiative has had some success across the winter period.

We have become aware that the initiative has been the cause of some public discussion, so we take the opportunity to set the record straight.

While there is a short-term hiatus on the Sydvaranger maintenance activities, we are pleased to advise that the engineering work continues to go from strength to strength. The engineers involved in firming up the plans are world class and we are delighted with the progress and results we are seeing so far, and we look forward to the completion of the engineering works in due course.

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